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December 16, 2022

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The only inclusive orchestra in the world for the visually impaired

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La foto mostra I Cubirossi

I Cubirossi

Power Trio

Power Trio founded in 2016 and formed by the frontwoman Marina Giusti and the two Leoncini brothers: Gianluca (multi-instrumentalist guitarist) and Alessandro (drummer). The first album, Camera 21, is characterized by strong rock components and a slight influence of electronic music, which became predominant in the years to come. They won the Vittoria Emergenza Festival in 2019, finished third in the Musica Contro le mafia 2021 award and acted as an opening band for artists of the caliber of Elisa, Morgan, Christina D'Avena, Panariello, Sonohra.

La foto mostra i Lucy Dreams

Lucy Dreams

Dreampop Trio

Dreampop trio from Vienna and consists of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl. Wait, trio? This is correct, because the essence of this band comes from a crystal ball that is at the center of all their production. Lucy is an independent digital and analog effect system, which was developed by David and Philipp especially for music production. Lucy may be understood as an A.I., however the bond between her and the two human musicians is much more intimate, as Lucy is deeply involved in the songwriting process .

La foto mostra Manuela Bollani

Manuela Bollani

Singer | Actress | Author

She graduated from the Bernstein School of Musical Theater in Bologna. You work in various theatrical-musical productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar, The Wall Live Orchestra, Cinderella and the Strokes of the Heart, My Big Fat Gay Wedding, Abbadream. She writes and performs two humorous-musical one-woman shows, C'era una Svolta and Molesta - Humor and Music Show, presented in various national squares and theaters. She participates with songs from her shows in television programs such as Zelig Time on Zelig TV and Via dei Matti Numero Zero on Rai 3.

La foto mostra l'artista Tao



He has 7 albums and the film TAO – SPIRIT OF ROCK to his credit. Multi-instrumentalist and producer, he has been known for 11 years above all for being the creator of the TAO Love Bus Experience project, a tour aboard a 1974 Volkswagen minibus decorated in "hippie style" which allowed TAO to play along the streets of Italy: 1,100 shows, 800 cities visited, 160,000 km travelled. TAO and its tour had considerable media visibility on various national channels and programs (X-Factor, Tg1, Tg3, Tg LA7, Blob, Easy Driver, Striscia la Notizia, La Vita in Diretta, Italia allo Specchio, Talent1) and in various national newspapers .


Frida Bollani Magoni

Daughter of art, she was born in Versilia on 18 September 2004. She began studying classical piano regularly at the age of 7 under the guidance of maestro Paolo Razzuoli, who taught her musical notation in Braille. You have collaborated several times with Massimo Nunzi's Orchestra Operaia (Jazz Big Band) both as a singer and as a pianist, performing at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. As a guest she performed at the Premio Bianca D' Aponte (competition for songwriters) in the Aversa theater in 2017 and at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Special Olympics at the Montecatini racecourse playing and singing in front of 10,000 people. She has often performed as a surprise guest in the concerts of her parents (Petra Magoni and Stefano Bollani) both in Italy and abroad. She also has experience in the world of musicals having participated as a singer in: "The Adventures of Peter Pan" and "Jesus Christ meets the Orchestra". She currently attends the Liceo Musicale Carducci in Pisa where she studies piano. L’esordio live di Frida si è tenuto lo scorso 23/07/2020 al Giardino Scotto di Pisa.

La foto mostra Frida Bollani Magoni

On 23 April 2021 she was a special guest on the successful Rai television show Via dei Matti number 0, hosted by her father, Stefano Bollani, and by Valentina Cenni.

Frida, a rare talent, is back from the exciting performance at the Quirinale in front of the President of the Republic on the occasion of the celebrations of 2 June. In addition to the touching interpretation of the national anthem, the very young musician performed a moving version of Lucio Dalla's masterpiece "Caruso" in music and voice and paid homage to Franco Battiato, who recently passed away, with a beautiful interpretation of the song "La Cura". On 12 June, her first tour starts from Orbetello and crosses the whole peninsula. In the dates of the tour which ended in October, Frida performed in almost 30 concerts, always sold out and treading prestigious stages. In September she plays in Milan to accompany Roberto Bolle in "L' Opera Meravigliosa. Roberto Bolle for the Milan Cathedral” and inaugurates the new edition of “Il tempo delle donne” of Corriere della Sera at the Triennale. During these months full of commitments and projects, Frida also devoted herself to studying and producing songs and created her first podcast with the English music producer Jimmy Brixton.



Starting from the vEyes Orchestra project, the only one known to date that includes sighted, visually impaired and blind musicians thanks to the new technologies specially developed by the vEyes non-profit organization, to which must be added adequate teaching techniques of the vEyes staff of experts, internally at the center profit vEyes Land, headquarters of vEyes, is working to create a music campus for children and young people with any form of disability (not just visual). The funds raised through donations will be used to purchase musical instruments and anything necessary to complete the work. By donating an amount equal to or greater than 5 euros, you will receive instructions to be able to attend, in live streaming, the concert and the presentation of the activities of the non-profit organization vEyes.


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